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Ada Tanya dari New York


Pagi ini saya dapat imel dari seorang teman yang sudah beberapa tahun tinggal di New York, AS. Imel itu berisi berita tentang Indonesia yang dia baca di surat kabar kondang; The New York Times.

Di akhir suratnya dia bertanya, “Sebegitu parahnya kah korupsi di Indonesia?  Sebegitu sabarnya kah rakyat Indonesia yang terus-menerus dibodohi?


Top Indonesian Judge Held in Corruption Case


Published: October 3, 2013

“JAKARTA, Indonesia — The chief justice of Indonesia’s Constitutional Court was arrested this week in a nighttime raid on his official residence by anticorruption investigators, who accused the justice of taking a bribe to issue a favorable verdict in an election dispute.

The justice, Akil Mochtar, 62, was appointed to the Constitutional Court in 2008 and became chief justice in April. He was arrested around 10 p.m. on Wednesday at his home in a government-owned housing complex in South Jakarta. Two…

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