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~Busy, Busy.

Its 8 am and time to nap.
Its 10 am time to relax.
Its 12 pm and time to doze off.
Its 3 pm and time to zonk out.
Its 6 pm and time to slumber
Its 9 pm and time to snooze
Its 12 am and time to sleep.
Its 4 am and time to hang upside down from your bed ceiling, screaming~

day 2 of 30 day challenge, your fav animal.

I never, ever have a pet. Dunno, maybe because is not allowed in our house. But, i’m definitely a cat person. I could sleeping all day if i have nothing to do *giggles* So, yeah. I’m a cat person 😜

Btw, i use this pic because just finish watched this movie a week ago. She is soooooo gorgeous! adore her so much. 😘
Hidamari no Kanojo movie tell about a cat who turns into human and fighting for her love life *ups spoiler hahaha* if its not Ueno Juri, nobody else can play this quirky chara, imho. I thought maybe we can say she is the next Zooey Deschanel! 😚

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